Kirjapaja and Lasten Keskus are part of Publiva Oy

Kirjapaja and Lasten Keskus are trademarks of  a Finnish publishing house Publiva Oy (former know as Lasten Keskus and Kirjapaja Oy). Both our trademarks share the same core values and commitment to publishing quality books for readers at all stages of life. Our books engage, inform, enrich, inspire love of reading and provide building blocks for a good life.

Publiva Oy combines three strong well-known brands, Edukustannus, Kirjapaja and Lasten Keskus.

Edukustannus helps teachers and students innovate in the midst of the digital revolution. It provides them with high quality and motivational tools for learning.

Kirjapaja publishes a wide range of non-fiction titles in the genres of mind, body and health, culture and society. Books about spirituality, theology and religion are also well-represented.

Lasten Keskus is known for its quality books for children and young people and professional literature on education.

Kirjapaja has been publishing books since 1942, Lasten Keskus since 1974. Edukustannus was formed in 2011.


Publiva Oy
Edukustannus, Kirjapaja and Lasten Keskus
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Publishing Manager
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Publishing Manager
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